by The Hung Ups

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released November 3, 2012

Recorded November 2nd 2012 at Archive Recordings in SLC, Utah.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Wes Johnson.
All songs written by The Hung Ups. Lyrics by Josh.
Josh - Vocals/guitar
J.D. - Bass/vocals
Casey - Drums/vocals
Cover Artwork by Steven Other.



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The Hung Ups Salt Lake City, Utah

Snotty Pop Punk from SLC

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Track Name: Tube Sock
Im hearing my name around the block
Im being tossed away like a tube sock
but the truth is your all unsatisified
and the grass is just green on my side

so I'll deal with the hand that im dealt
and I'll never know how you really felt
but i dont care ill just sing this song
even if you won't sing along

to those people who know me so well
I was always there for you when you fell
but when the favor is never returned
yeah thats lesson that you never learned

but you can't move on until you see
your life is what its meant to be
some friends come and some friends go
where you end up you never know
Track Name: Sunny Rays
I'm undeclared and I'm feeling like its taking me nowhere
I'm living on nothing but I know that I'll end up somewhere

So I don't mind these days
Sometimes their filled with sunny rays
But I can't pay the rent and my bank account is spent
I'm in financial ruin again

Cuz I'm spending every dollar that's put in my hands
the only way to stay sane is playing in punk rock bands

But it seems so lame
Cuz it always ends up the same
And I'm tired of it
And I just want to quit

Cuz I'm sick of the same old shit
Track Name: Ladies Man
You're so fucking cool
You make all the ladies drool
With your slick backed hair
You make em think that you don't care

But I know you really do
I know what is really true
You're just a tool
Who thinks he's so cool
and soon they'll find out your a fool
Track Name: Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety is taking over me
Social Anxiety is making me lonely
I'm wasting my nights yeah they just slip on by
But someday I'm gonna wish
I did more than this
Track Name: Live Your Life
where do you get off fuckin telling me
how do the call the shots, well sorry
I wont back down I'll just turn around
head back towards my side of town

and I'm sure you dont agree
I can only take so much negtivity
cuz I do this for fun
not to please anyone

so take this time to live your life
Track Name: Dante Hicks
working on my day off again
and it feels like it will never end
it has to be the busiest it can be
theres no satisfaction without misery

I need the money thats only why im here
but when the store closes ill disappear
you wont see me until my next shift
and around christmas don't expect a gift

cuz im not supposed to be here today
and its taking every once of me to stay
a line of assholes ten miles long
are telling me that I'm wrong

but when the day has come to end
ill think of all the things I did
was I right? was I wrong?
did i need to write this stupid song
to justify, my reply
to some asshole who came by
but by tomorrow ill forget
that stupid moment that we spent