Against the Wall

by The Hung Ups

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released November 6, 2013

Recorded 11/03/13 at Archive Recordings in SLC, Utah.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Wes Johnson.
Vocals/Guitars - Josh
Bass - J.D.
Drums - Schwenny
All songs written by The Hung Ups. Lyrics by Josh.
Cover Art by Steven Other



all rights reserved


The Hung Ups Salt Lake City, Utah

Snotty Pop Punk from SLC

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Track Name: Go Back Home
your always stepping on my shoes
your angry words are giving me blues
your spitting in my eye, it looks like I cry
but I just gotta know, why don't you ever go?

why don't you leave me alone?
why don't you turn back and just go home

why don't you leave me alone?

and the sun goes down too soon
my heads filled like a balloon
I'm lost in space and I know
sometimes I wish you would never go
Track Name: Oh! Enid
Oh Enid I'm so in love with you
Oh Enid I just don't know what to do
Oh Enid come into my world
Oh Enid I want you to be my girl

Cuz you're not real but deep down I feel
you're out there somewhere, yeah you could be here
in this small town, yeah just walking around
talking shit like you always do

Oh Enid you're all I think about
Oh Enid where is your bus route?
Oh Enid you're so funny and so sweet
Oh Enid will we ever meet?
Track Name: Turning Blue
I just wanna sniff some glue
till my face turns blue
cuz i'm sick of thinking about you all of the time

cuz you said that I was the one
and that we would never be done
and I believed every word out of your mouth

and my hearts been broken in two
since the day that I met you
cuz you took my heart and you won't give it back
Track Name: Girl Of My Dreams
every days surreal
the way you make me feel
my heart skips a beat
every time we meet

and right away I see
that you were meant for me
and right away I see
you're the girl the girl of my dreams

your the girl of my dreams
and I hope you never leave

sometimes I lose my mind
when your not by my side
I wish you'd never go
but you'll be back I know
Track Name: I Hate Everyone Today
I hate everyone today

cuz its something that we just all go through
sometimes I just don't like you
so get the fuck away from me
and let me stew in my misery
Track Name: Stupid Reminders
im sick of all your stupid reminders
they make me wanna jab a pencil in my ear
im doing what I want and I dont care
cuz I know someday ill get there

im growing up and going nowhere fast
but at least im having a blast

so your save your speeches for someone else
cuz your voice is like vomit to my ears
im doing what I want and I dont care
cuz I know someday I'll get there
Track Name: Challenges
I'll keep my head above the ground
this is a face your gonna see around
cuz me alone can only hold me back
enjoying this ride is what I used to lack

and I know where I go
from here that things might change
and the days might be up
and the days might be down
its a challenge I'll face

so try and break me but you can't
I'm sick of living in the past
feeling bad, I'm so done with it
I'm tired of dwelling on that stupid shit
Track Name: Johnny is a Janitor
he lost his job, oh shit!
how the fuck is he gonna pay rent?
hes sick of calling back home
and taking out another unpaid loan
it sucks to feel so low
like he needs to snort some blow
but hes not cool enough for that
he'll just to listen to beat on the brat

so he gets on the classifieds
no experience but John lies
tell em how he gets shit done
he mops floors better than anyone

yeah Johnny is janitor

he just wants to mops some floors
he just wants to clean some doors
Track Name: Sally Something
I can't believe how long its been
since I have seen you
but you're still the same
I just wish I knew your name
and I never had the chance
to tell you how I really feel
and If I could go back now
you know that I would seal the deal

but how can this be?
why are we both still lonely?
and where can I go?
please let me know you love me too
I can't take this anymore
you're the girl next door

and when you went away
I really didn't know what to say
I wanted to hold your hand
and write a song for you in my band
Track Name: Saying Goodbye
I've become a prisoner of my own mind
and the solution is so hard to find
i used to not ever care about shit
now I pace around and my brain wont quit

i'm back and forth from heaven and hell
feeling fucking great then not doing well
nothing is consistent in this routine
wheres the hope? there is none that I've seen

but i managed to get farther than expected
now it seems your're the one feeling rejected
I wont wait for the day but it will come
and you will feel so really fucking dumb

cuz he'll leave you crying on your knees
you gave it your all but he just wasn't pleased
but don't call me you've went your own way
that was your choice, remember that day?

I'm saying goodbye
and I just wanna cry
but I just can't let me
no I just cant let me fall apart

I'm saying goodbye
and I just wanna die
but I just can't let me
no I just cant let me fall apart