Dawn of the Deadbeats

by The Hung Ups

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released July 15, 2011

Recorded Easter 2011 at Archive Recordings in SLC, UT
Recorded and Mixed by Wes Johnson.
All songs written by Josh Recker except Teenage Politics, Beautiful, and Happy People by Chuck Roberts. Donkey Lips by Tyler Sisson. NYC by Cub.
Josh - Vocals/bass
Chuck - Vocals/guitar
Tyler - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Drums
Cover Art by Brighton Metz.
Released on Ballz Out Records



all rights reserved


The Hung Ups Salt Lake City, Utah

Snotty Pop Punk from SLC

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Track Name: Phil's Tuckered Out
Why do you sit all alone in your room?
you act like there's nothing to do
you said the world is a piece of shit
and you really just wanna quit

and I know how that goes
its a shitty road
most of the time you live the unknown
sometimes you can't let go

now the bottle's become yer best friend
its a cycle that never ends
no job and the bills are piling up
but you really don't give a fuck
you don't give a fuck
Track Name: Bar Flies
There's this place
where I don't show my face
the girls like the chase
but they won't let you take em home

you'll go broke
and they don't wanna hear yer stupid joke
the girls like the chase
but they won't let you take em home

and there's one still in my brain
she stole my heart and left me insane
I bet she doesn't even know my name

I bet she doesn't even know my name
cuz those bar fly girls are all the same
Track Name: Donkey Lips
Packed ourselves its almost time to go
gotta get our asses to the show
we have a blast every time
I write this stupid song to make it rhyme

we're here all night
drink a beer, watch a fight

cuz playing in a band is what we do
we'll come and play yer show pay us with booze
its not like we have anything better to do
you should try it sometime you just might find
that playing in a basement is a good way
to spend your time

things are winding down its 2 am
we never really want the night to end
we'll do it again in a week or two
we hope to see you then
Track Name: Stranger to Sobriety
Skating home drunk from the bar
I just saw another police car
fuck you, I don't give a shit
pull me over you fucking pig

cuz I'm a stranger to sobriety
so I'm a danger to society

skating home drunk the bar
I just saw that same police car
I'll wait for him to turn around
those fuckers think they own this town
Track Name: Hungover
I feel like shit, its self induced
cuz I drank all the booze
I thot that I, was the king
but now I'm sitting here puking

and why do I do this to myself

but I'm goin' out tonight
and everything's goin' be alright
cuz I don't care
if I wake up on the floor
cuz I've been hungover before

I think I took some chick home
but now I'm sitting all alone
I probably acted like a fucking fool
and I don't feel very cool
Track Name: Goddamn
I'm so tired of stupid assholes
and people who think they shit gold
fuck yer ego, cuz you don't even know
everything you say is so fucking lame

cuz you can't be an asshole to people you know
the ones that let you sleep on their floor
I'm so god damn grateful for those people

and I'm so tired of sketchy fucking chicks
and all those stereotypical hicks
what happened to the unity
I guess it's all bullshit or apathy
Track Name: Robert Doesn't Like Us
Robert doesn't like us

Robert doesn't like our band

He doesn't like our band
Track Name: Walk Away
She dropped a bombshell about something she did
and I'm so glad you told me before shit got stupid
but now I'm so lost and I don't know what to do
should I walk away and just never talk to you

cuz I know what everyone else is thinking
that I'm fool who's only sinking

I'm only sinking
Track Name: Dawn of the Deadbeats
Mondays are sucha drag
and Tuesdays are usually just as bad
the more I complain, the more I go insane

and when it rains I feel the pain
so heavy I can barely breathe
how do you go on
when everything you had is gone

and you know I can't wait forever
I'm so close to burning out
I need to change something
in this dead end life

I need to change something
in this dead end life