by The Hung Ups

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Recorded December 13th and 14th, 2014 at Archive Recordings in SLC, Utah. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Wes Johnson.


released December 15, 2014

Vocals and guitars - Josh.
Bass guitar - J.D.
Drums and back up vocals - Schwenny.

Organ on tracks 1,4, and 8 by John Hawkins.
Vocals on tracks 2 and 10 by Tomi Schade.
Saxophone on tracks 3 and 6 by Rich Oliver.

All songs written by The Hung Ups. Lyrics by Josh.
Album art by Steven Franks.



all rights reserved


The Hung Ups Salt Lake City, Utah

Snotty Pop Punk from SLC

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Track Name: Katie is a Punker
Katie is a punk
she's addicted to junk
so shes sleeps on the street
and walks around in her bare feet

she'd rather be poor
she'd rather not care anymore
she'd rather shoot up some smack
then come crawling back

and she likes all the creeps that she meets
on the streets
its where she likes to be

now shes outta luck
doesn't have a single buck
to get her by nows shes going out
of her mind

she needs to check herself in
and let a new life begin
and maybe someday she
won't rot and decay
Track Name: Hannah
Hannah I think im falling for you
and I don't think Hannah even has a clue
that I'd do anything to be hers

and when you go off to school
I know I'll cry like a fool
cuz Hannah you're the only girl for me

Hannah now I'm just waiting around
cuz there's no one like Hannah in this town
you could have come along
we could have sung this song
together, forever, just you and me

its true, I'll always be blue, without you
Track Name: Red Eyed
It feels like we are just falling apart
you've really done some damage to my heart

and I know that I've already created too much doubt
and we both know, its just never gonna work out

so now I spend my days just wasting away
always fucked up or either red eyed every single day

and the good times god damn they were so great
and its torture, to try and not hate

cuz I'm sure I'll hear so many things
cuz thats just what time brings
yeah I know someday
I'm gonna feel the same way

about someone else that isn't you
Track Name: Rewind
Pacing around like some pyscho
just waiting for the time to go
so bored, so drained, going insane
goddamn these days are so fucking lame

its already august, holy shit.
its time for me to a throw my hissy fit
bitch and moan and fall asleep on the kitchen floor
destroy my brain till it can't take anymore

and I'm fuckin' - exhausted from doing nothing
and I've got - no money cuz i spent it on something
I'm not sure - cuz I've been fucked outta my mind
and it feels like - I'm stuck in rewind
Track Name: Neon Sign
The world is far from grey
but I'm still colored in blue
so bright, at night at a neon sign
to find a friend of mine

this situation is eating at me
inside infecting my brain
four walls, no calls, the world has forgotten
about me once again

I'm kicking leaves all over the ground
the leaves have fallen all over this town
I'm filled with warmth outside a neon sign
it reminds me that everything will be just fine

outside a neon sign
everything will be just fine

today I'm struggling to breathe
yeah I'm down on my knees
so long, its gone the snow is gonna
cover all these leaves

I'm picking myself off the ground
I'm looking up instead always looking down
I know there's life outside a neon sign
it reminds me that everything will be just fine
Track Name: Happy Thoughts
We met below these city lights
smoking joints on a warm spring night
exchanging smiles oh fuck! what have I found?
why is my heart breaking when you're not around?

It makes my heart hurt to beat
to think that there could be anyone for you but me
it's just a love fantasy

Now you're clogging up my brain
but somethings not right, yeah somethings not the same
I gotta be careful not to fall right on my face
cuz I've been there before and its a horrible place
Track Name: Dr. Sara
I knew the day would come
but its finally here
shes packed her things
and soon she'll disappear
now I feel like shit
cuz my hearts ripped in two
I'm starting panic
yeah I don't know what to do

I can't stay calm
I need to get out
maybe ill visit sara
and tell her all about
the pain I feel inside
and how Im barely getting by
oh sara I don't know why

that familiar feeling
bile burning in my gut
feeling so sick, broken, stuck in a rut
and the fridge is empty
I've got no money to spare
I'm so damn lonely
I don't even wanna breathe this air
Track Name: Sociopath
she is a sociopath
woh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

but what am I gonna do?
when she tries to murder me
cuz she has no empathy
for the shit she does to me
all that shit she does to me
Track Name: Waffle Stomper
who's this girl I don't know anymore?
now shes punk shes so hardcore
leather jacket and colored hair
she acts like she don't care

she was a friend that became more
but I kept running out the door
I thought I'd be fine, I had drawn the line
I thought I couldn't take anymore

and now she's a punk and her boots go clunk!
when she's walking around

and she's stomping all over my heart
Track Name: Time to Leave
There's a part of me that thinks
that this loneliness has somewhere to lead
but these late nights are leaving me broke
and my guts feel like they're gonna bleed

and I'm choking just trying to breathe
the anxiety is causing me to heave
and I think that its time to leave

so I walk out and I don't say goodbye
and I stumble home to the couch
and in the morning I feel like hell
and stuff a bunch of pills in my mouth