Panic Attack

by The Hung Ups

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Recorded 01/07/2017 at Archive Recordings.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Wes Johnson.


released January 8, 2017

Vocals/guitars/bass - Josh.
Drums - Schwenny.
Guest vocals on tracks 2 and 4 by Ashlie Longo.
All songs written by the Hung Ups. Lyrics by Josh.
Album art by Steven Franks.



all rights reserved


The Hung Ups Salt Lake City, Utah

Snotty Pop Punk from SLC

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Track Name: Make You Angry
Sometimes the words that I say
Make you crazy and go insane
cuz your ego is quite inflated
I tried to pop it and now Im hated

cuz I don’t care I’ll say what I please
I’m not gonna get down on my knees
and beg you to like me
I’d rather just make you angry

why do you think that we’d ever agree?
we’ve never been close to unity
you’d rather alienate then educate
and act all hostile and so full of hate

so you don’t wanna be my friend
I said something you can’t comprehend
its shame you’re so self absorbed
your skins so thin, and you’re such a bore
Track Name: UFOs
I just saw something flying by
It might be nothing but I can’t deny
that there is more to life somewhere out there
and who knows maybe it's better than here

and I know
I can’t go
and I know
I want to believe

we think this is the greatest planet ever
but there's probably other beings that way more clever
cruising in a ufo somewhere out in space
lets build a rocket ship and leave this place

I know there's ufos in the sky
look there's a ufo flying by
my girlfriend dumped me cuz she didn’t wanna believe
I told her to beat it I think it's better if you leave
cuz my spaceship is gonna come for me
and I'll leave this earth and all it's misery
cuz I know there's ufos in the sky
looks there's my ufo flying by
Track Name: Worry
I want so badly
to finally break free
and not feel so crazy
and I walk in circles
and I feel that the world
is caving in on me

and now I’m just Im wasting my time
thinking about whether I'll be fine
and everyday I wonder why
I’m going outta my mind

and I can’t ever just sleep
and I feel so deep
in worry I’m such a wreck
I wish it would change
cuz I can’t stand this pain
it feels like never-ending rain
Track Name: Joe and Suzy
She said get out of the car
your house is not really that far
I know we're falling apart
but I just can’t let you out of my heart

and I don’t really care if its over
and I don’t really care if you leave
at least thats what I'm trying to make myself believe

we said we'd try this once more
now you’re walking out and slamming the door
I want so bad to forget this
but what if theres something we might miss

and somedays you're so hard to get over
and somedays I wish it was the same
and now my heart breaks every time I hear your name
Track Name: Hate
Hanging out on 6th and Park Street
just looking down at my feet
I hate the world and I probably hate you too
even though the sky is so blue

and I hate the way I'm feeling today
and I hope that soon my mood will change
kicking rocks and flipping off everyone I know
just isn’t cool I think it's time to go
Track Name: She's Driving Me Insane
I'm waiting it's like I'm stalling
and now I'm wasting all my time
I think it's time to go
I gotta let you know
I feel like it's been so long
since you gave a shit at all

now I'm breaking and I’m taking
back all those nice things that I said to you
now I’m back to square one
and it sucks I hate to be here
I loved her but now I loathe her
she’s driving me insane

you just don't get me maybe I'm crazy
but I’m probably better off that way
and if I get bored
down at the psych ward
I'll call and let you know
it's the last you'll hear from me