The Hung Ups

by The Hung Ups

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released August 3, 2010

Recorded July 3rd 2010 at Archive Recordings in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Recorded and mixed by Wes Johnson.
All songs written by Josh Recker except Speed Bomb by Chuck Roberts.

Josh - Vocals/bass
Chuck - Vocals/guitar
Tyler - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Chris - Drums
Cover by Brighton Metz.
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The Hung Ups Salt Lake City, Utah

Snotty Pop Punk from SLC

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Track Name: Going to the party
I’m goin’ to the party, I’m goin’ drink some beer
I’m goin’ to the party tonight

I’m goin’ to the party, I’m goin’ get some chicks
I’m goin’ to the party tonight

Track Name: Get a life
This was the worse year I’ve ever had
I can’t wait for it to be in the past
I hope yer happy with the shit that you’ve done
I can’t believe I thot you were the one

and I don’t wanna see yer fuckin’ face again
cuz your most shittiest girlfriend
grow up and get a fuckin’ life
cuz yer a bitch now stay outta mine

I know someday you’ll wish I was around
but I won’t let you ever bring me down
to the point where I was before
when I didn’t care to live anymore
Track Name: Fucked up future
I don’t wanna go to work today
cuz everyday is always the same
I feel like shit cuz I drank too much
now I’m lonely and I feel like a cunt

cuz your never there
no your never there

I got a fucked up future and I really don’t care
cuz life’s not the same since you haven’t been here
I got a fucked up future and I really don’t care

I don’t wanna go out tonight
cuz I’ll just get in a fight
for talking to some random girl
who could become my world
Track Name: Ritchie Valens
I don’t know where to start
cuz tonight everything fell apart
lack of sleep, beer stained clothes
a flat tire, and nowhere to go
if I stay up here all night
and drink till the sunlight
would anybody notice if I didn’t come back home?
cuz I can’t stand this town
I’m so tired of hanging around
where everybody knows my name
and everyday is always the same
Track Name: Plastic Girl
I bought my girlfriend from the porn store
she’s just plastic, but she’s not a whore
she doesn’t talk, but that’s okay
cuz we hang out everyday
I named her sally, I think its great
she likes it too, I think its fate
I get drunk yet she doesn’t care
if I sleep around, cuz It’s only fair
but when I am gone
yeah I know she’s the only one
plastic girl your meant for me
Track Name: Anywhere with you
We’ll go to the record store
I’ll even open the door
you can hold my hand even if you don’t like my band

cuz I’d go anywhere with you
but I don’t know where I wanna go
but anywhere with you, is where I wanna be

We’ll go to a cheap restaurant
cuz 20 bucks is all I got
I’ll play a song for you
I know it sucks but it’s what I do
Track Name: Klepto
Don’t come around here
don’t drink our beer
cuz your a stupid fuck
why won’t you just fess up

Your a Klepto

and if I see you again
you better hope yer with some friends
I’m goin’ break yer fuckin’ teeth
for all the shit you stole from me
Track Name: She's Stupid
She never answers when I call
then I see her later at the mall
with a new guy, I don’t know why I try
cuz she’s so stupid, yeah she’s so stupid

but when I think its been too long
so I try to write her a song
maybe she’ll care this time, maybe she’s changed her mind
cuz she’s so stupid, yeah she’s so stupid

but I’m giving up

Now its been like three years or so
and she’s calling me on the phone
telling me she’s so sorry, yeah she can’t believe
she’s been so stupid, been so fuckin’ stupid

but I’ve given up
Track Name: Crisis at the pizza store
All the phones are ringing
I’m the only one here
but these customers don’t fuckin’ care
they want their pizza
they want it fuckin’ now
how will I make it through this day somehow?

Crisis at the pizza store

pizzas falling all over the floor
I just wanna run for door
cuz getting paid is not worth this shit
but I know I can’t afford to quit